About Us

Operation The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls (T.H.U.G.S.), Inc. is a non-profit organization providing support, motivation, education, service, and unity to the community. We are concerned with the total wholeness of all mankind. We strive to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in times of hopelessness and crisis by providing a healthy caring ear, food donations, clothing donations, empowering monetary donations, advocacy, mediation, motivational speaking, and referral services. This support may also include prayer only when requested. There is no place our brothers and sisters can be that is outside our reach as we go to them wherever they are to serve their needs be it in homeless camps, at memorial fundraisers, on street corners, in jail or prison, in hospital rooms, in the classroom, or even at the scene of an incident. Operation T.H.U.G.S., Inc. is known for assisting and caring. We are comprised of a group of volunteers from all socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities that unite to freely volunteer our time assisting and serving the needs of others. No one is excluded, but compassion and commitment is needed to serve as an Operation T.H.U.G.S., Inc. volunteer. Operation T.H.U.G.S., Inc. is funded through contributions within and outside of our volunteers. The sacrifice of few meets the needs of many. We are those few. Contact us for interest in serving info@operationthugs.org or donate.

Founder & C.E.O.
Larry Bluford

Larry "LB" Bluford

Larry D. Bluford, Jr., Founder & C.E.O. of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls). is an activist and motivational speaker who spent over five years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Instead of being bitter, he allowed the situation to make him better. Now he uses his past failures to reach out to at-risk youth with an uplifting message. Larry's Story.

Ron Seidel

Ron Seidel

Ron Seidel, President of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls). Ron is also the President and Founder of a 501 C (3) organization named Living H.I.S. W.I.L.L., Senior Pastor of Bridge to Life and Associate Pastor of Harvest. Ron, is involved with any ministery that is like minded and will partner with him. Ron's Story

Vice President
Vicki Seidel

Vicki Seidel

Vicki Seidel, Vice-President of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls). . Vicki was raised in Richmond, California, and by the age of 13 began drinking and smoking weed. She was longing for a place to fit in. Vicki left home at 14 and was pregnant by the age of fifteen and in an abusive relationship with her daughter's father. Her wakeup call was after slamming meth into her arm and having her heart feel like it was exploding in her chest. Vicki's Story

Jackie Ojeda

Jackie Ojeda

Jackie Ojeda, Secretary of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls). is also an very active member in Operation T.H.U.G.S. Inc. and Living H.I.S. W.I.L.L. non-profit help agencies. Jackie has spent many hours providing valuable life experiences to those who feel there is no way out of their situation. She herself fought through rough times and succeeded with desire, determination and the faith of God. Jackie is one of the chosen few. Jackie's Story

Co / Music Ministry Leader
Quehemiah Edmonds

Quehemiah Edmonds

Quehemiah Edmonds , Co Music Ministry Leader of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls). Q-heem was born in Vallejo CA, and raised in a close nit community known as the country club crest. Home to some of the Bay Areas most influential rap artist. One of them the legendary MAC DRE(rip) gave Q-heem his start as a featured artist on the Rompalation in 1996, Q-heem stayed affiliated with romp records (now known as THIZZ ENT) until 2001 when he came to christ.
Quehemiah's Story

Latino Leader
Delores Villicana

Delores Villicana

Delores Villicana, Latino Leader of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls). Delores has lived in Fairfield, California for 40 years. She retired October 2013 from Abbott Nutrition were she formulated the Zone Bar. Delores now take care of her grandkids throughout the week.

Public Relation Liaison
Maria Jackson

Maria Jackson

Maria Jackson, Public Relation Liaison of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls). Maria's desire is to care for and assist those in need. Over the past few years possessing skill and tenacity Maria has drawn in multiple donations. Her compassion and family values cannot be beat. Maria's Story

Concert/Event Lead
Tim Osterhout

Tim Osterhout

Tim Osterhout, Concert Event Lead of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls) He is an inspiring singer wanting to do more with his voice and record music. In the meantime He continues to use his other talents as a building contractor, and a member of the singing duo force of Souls4Christ. Tim Osterhout grew up in upstate New York. His passion for singing began as a child singing in the church choir. He relocated to California and began attending The Father's House in Vacaville where he experienced living Worship.

Larry's Story

Mr. Bluford was an at risk youth himself, so he knows by first-hand experience what it takes to reach young people in danger of living the life he once lived. The consequence of that lifestyle also caused him to frequent the juvenile system, group homes, and county jail with the final stop being prison. Now he uses those past negative experiences as a tool to influence positivity and show them that they too can turn their lives around. God gave to me a vision in January, 1997 when I was in maximum security section of Solano County Jail. I was sitting in my cell and God showed me a barren field with nothing but weeds in it. Later He showed me the meaning of that vision. They dry ground represented the cold, dry hearts of the many people in the streets. The weeds represented all the bad seeds that not only I planted but those who lived the lifestyle I lived. God was showing me that He was sending me back into the same communities in which I sold dope, packed guns and lived a cold, vicious thug life and go back to snatch up those weeds and replace them with good seed. I questioned God wondering how could He use me when I have done so much wrong in my life. He revealed to me that is the exact reason why He was using me. I had no idea what was laid before me but I could only trust God. After all I was on my way to do over 5 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. Being in a rock bottom situation I knew I had nothing to lose. I lived a life in and out of the system so although this was my first time to prison I was a little familiar with being incarcerated. This time was different because I was innocent, all other times I was guilty. I believe me being innocent was by God’s design because it broke me down in a way that being guilty wouldn’t have. Have I had been guilty I would have had the attitude that “I did the crime, now it’s time to do the time.” I won’t lie, I was bitter toward God my first day at San Quentin State Prison but that anger turned into surrender. You see the police had a warrant for my arrest, I got on my knees and surrendered to the police. Now in a cell the Holy Spirit had a warrant for my arrest.

Now that I told you a little about me, now please allow me to tell you a little about the ministry. The name Operation T.H.U.G.S. itself is just an attraction tool. The word "Thugs" stand for "The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls". Initially it appear negative, but in a way I want it to appear negative because those are the kind of kids, young adults and adults I want to attract. Being an ex-thug I have to think like one to know what gives me my best chances of attracting one. For example if I walk into a hood and I got a shirt on that all you can see is big letters reading "T.H.U.G.S." you would just think I'm another cat on the block. How many of you know, things aren't always what they seem! As I get closer you see the "Operation" above it but as I get closer you see that there is a Bible verse under it, now you are really wondering, "Hey man what's that mean." Gotcha!" I say to myself, there is my opportunity to reach out to that person and share the Gospel through word or simply my actions.We are in a new day and age and therefore we must compromise the method but NOT THE MESSAGE. The message is always about Christ and Christ only. WE DO NOT PREACH OURSELVES! We cannot be successful unless we first capture their attention. This is something different and radical, in addition it is something that causes curiosity. In order to attract one, I believe you have to think like one. When I was young I wasn't even approachable to a witness because they tried to tell me about God but they lost me when he said he understood why I felt I had to be in the street. I asked him, "What you know about this? What have you been through?" He said he works with kids like me but personally he had never been to jail. I said, "Man you don't know anything about this" and walked away from him. Why? He didn’t have any credibility, which I feel is an important edge when you are dealing with these type of people.
Larry and Friends
When Christ brings people like us out of the dark into the light I believe He sends us to go get those who was in that same place we was because we can identify with them. I can't speak on everyone, but for me, I know this is my calling. As a Body this is OUR commission to spread the Gospel. All are not willing but Operation T.H.U.G.S. will into the dark places and share the light. Jesus wasn't in the palaces and in the places with the rich folk. He was out there in the hoods, on the blocks as we now call it and was criticized for it. This is what Jesus said in Matthew 9:11-13 ,"Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and 'sinners'? On hearing this, Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." We are trying to go out into a world where many don't believe. Our work isn't inside the Church our work is outside of the Church to get the people into the church.
event day
For this reason is why the word says the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few because many think we can just pray the sinners into the church. Look how creative God is. Now lets break down the word OPERATION which has many meanings. One which is the power to act; efficacy or"}influence. In the medical field operation would mean a procedure aimed at restoring or improving the health of a patient, as by correcting a malformation, removing diseased parts, implanting new parts, etc. and in the military field it would mean, a campaign, mission, maneuver, or action. So I am saying we want to work on the so called "THUG" to influence them to a new way of living. The medical term operation is the part Christ would have to perform on them to restore and improve their standing and spiritual health, to correct malformation and the removal of diseased parts and implanting new parts, amen!
Sharing The Word
Of course the military term would be used to describe what we do when we are outside of the church and in the street going places most church folk won't go. We can and do go because as ex-thugs we can identify with the streets and on first glance we often time look like the them so we are able to approach them and often time based on that alone they receive us, respect us and now that we have their attention they have opened the door for us to win their souls for Christ. The only thing we have compromised here is the method of saving souls but we would never ever dare compromise the message, which is the message of Jesus Christ our personal Lord and Savior. At the end of the day, if we are winning souls and did so without sinning or causing anyone else to, can we agree we are on the same team? It's all about going about Kingdom Business in a different way for a different generation. It's all about JESUS!

Ron's Story

Ron was at one time an affiliated gang member. Due to his street gang activities, Ron spent over 21 years behind bars in and out of many prison institutions. While in prison, God spoke to Ron's heart and transformed him into the man you see today. Under the lords guidance, Ron has lead purpose driven life groups, celebrated recoveries, spread the word through bible studies and conducted self help groups. Ron loves and believes in God and expresses that love to God through loving others..

Vickie's Story

My one year old daughter walked into the room and I knew instantly that she was not going to have a mother anymore. Scared to death I cried out to God "If you allow me to live, I will never stick another needle in my arm again!And immediately, my heart went back to normal and peace came over me. Within a couple weeks I moved back home. I wish I could say that was the end of my addiction, but it wasn’t. Things were good until at the age of 22... I began smoking meth, which took me to a whole new level. I was so bound and chained in my addiction for another 10 years that I could no longer take care of my children, myself, or my home. I remember thinking if I was born to be a drug addict , then it’s time for me to check out. So one night I was sitting in my bedroom. I wasn’t thinking of my family or my children . I just needed a way out. I began cutting on my wrist and screamed out to God "HELP ME". Suddenly I felt a peace come over me and I no longer had a desire to hurt myself. After that day I began to make and see changes that I knew were not really coming from me. I checked myself into an outpatient drug program, began attending NA meetings but still felt something was missing. I went to church with my mom and after hearing the salvation message, I responded. I knew that Jesus was the only one who could help. I had tried to live life on my own and I was a mess. So I said "Jesus here’s my drugs, alcohol and cigarettes." . I felt the presence of God like I had never felt before. I walked out of church no longer having a desire for any of my addictions. Wow, all of this had to be God! Have you ever heard the phrase if I only had a second chance? Well God has given me one. And he'll give you one to. People are constantly saying that I don't even look like someone who has spent much of their life on the streets. God makes all things new. I now have 15 years clean and sober. Now my life is full, filled with family, I have a loving husband (five children, four grandchildren) friends, I am the Vice President of operation THUGS - I speak to the women in Solano count jail , Schools, church's and the streets. Every day is an opportunity for me to reach out and lend a helping hand to someone else who has lost their way....

Jackie's Story

I am 50 years young. I have been thru much in my life due to being a young teen in the wrong place at the wrong time. God held me for a reason when I was 16 years old at my first house party with a 21 years old man who I didn't know was a well-known drug dealer. The party ended up being raided by the Richmond police and I ended up in the street being hit multiple times with a billy club. This is only one of the many times that I was protected by God. In another relationship I found myself 18 years unhappy with suicidal thoughts if not for my children coming to mind. I found Christ the weekend after 9/11 and my life of servant hood began. I went from a church in Richmond to Family Celebration Center, my brother’s church, in the City of Suisun. My nephew, Abe Ojeda, introduced me to Larry Bluford. Jr. the founder of Operation T.H.U.G.S., Inc. I began to volunteer within the non-profit organization and became secretary for Operation T.H.U.G.S., Inc. and Living H.I.S. W.I.L.L. (another non-profit help agency). My duties include taking minutes of meetings and serving out in the community, as I am one of the chosen few.

Maria's Story

Maria Jackson, one of Solano County’s most dedicated persons, has been changing lives in our community for the past 3 years. She takes the initiative to rally up her troops, her huge circle of friends and family, to go out into the streets to provide relief to those less fortunate or to those that just need a boost. Maria volunteers countless hours of her time by providing home cooked meals to the homeless and military families who welcome new babies. She collects winter coats for the homeless and toys for children at Christmas time. She is an active member in her church, the Father’s House, where she is an usher and participates in the Adopt a Block program. She facilitated demonstrations for women to purchase self defense products. Maria also organized a variety of fundraisers for her friends battling cancer. She is able to manage this all in addition to her four children and their events, her husband who is in the military and is gone several weeks out of the year, and remains a strong leader in our community! Maria comes from a family of six and grew up in Winters, CA where she graduated from Winters High and then went on to pursue a career in Criminal Justice. Things didn’t go the way as planned for Maria. She discontinued her education when she became a single mother in an abusive relationship. She found the courage to part ways with her ex and raised her beautiful daughter on her own. She experienced hard times where she didn’t have enough money to put a roof over her head and was forced to bounce between houses and rely on the good intentions of friends and acquaintances. Financially things were extremely tight. However she did not give up. She was able to graduate from CSI vocational school in Vacaville with a certificate in Medical Assisting & Administrative Medical Assisting. This allowed her to gain a position with Kaiser Permanente, where she has worked over the past 10 years. Maria’s past experiences drive her passion for helping those in need. Maria feels that because she was able to turn things around, other’s can too with a little help.

Q-heem's Story

After his transformation, Q-heem The Redeem has experienced an enriching succesful solo career that has taken him all over the Bay's Bible Belt.(gospel scene). He's opened for Gospels elite artists such as Karen Clark Sheard, Vickie Winans, Winans Phase 2, and John P. Kee. He has since quickly became one of the Bay Areas more popular Gospel rap artist working with and ministering with the best in the business such as Lecrae, Andy mineo, Mali music, Flame, V rose, D maub, K Drama and countless others. Also Qheem Co/hosted the fasted growing online radio show to come out of the west coast BREATHE LIFE radio with KINDRED. Seeing Gods visions come to pass he has renewed his zeal and set his face a flint. Q-heem has been given a ministry that deals with real issues inside and outside the four walls of the church.

Membership and Forms

You do not have to be a believer in God to volunterr within our organization. No one is excluded, but compassion and commitment is needed to serve as an Operation T.H.U.G.S., Inc. volunteer. If you are sincerely considering becoming an active volunteer within Operation T.H.U.G.S., Inc. please complete the Member Participant Agreement and Commitment Covenant forms below and return them via fax, e-mail, or mail.

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